Innovation At Iris

Product Design

There are several facets to Product Design: from physical form to texture, colours, graphic art, among others. At Iris, we incorporate trends from the Fashion and Home Decor domains. The Fashion and Home Decor industry provide an annual forecast of trends. These are manifested as colour palettes and mood boards based on the season, with illustrations, colours, textures, shapes, symbols and forms. We integrate these thoughts to create design ideas for new product development. Our design team works on product form and graphic design to create prototypes. The product engineering team will then validate the mass of prototypes.

Form Design

Form Design incorporates inputs from the market about trends and customer requirements, to develop sketches of possible forms. Once the forms are approved for function, the production engineering team does a feasibility study. For mass production, these forms are done with the help of our vendors. While a lot of our products are handcrafted, the prototypes are made by our vendors. This helps us understand the constraints in mass production and overcome them.

Delivery systems

The delivery system for Home fragrance products can be broadly classified into two categories. Some work on a heat source, others via surface evaluation like Capillaries and Osmosis.

The heat sources include coils, electric bulbs, ultrasonic misters etc. The solvent system is designed over the safety and stability of performance and it is in adherence to regulations for air care products.