5 Best Scented Candles To Set The Perfect Christmas Mood

5 Best Scented Candles To Set The Perfect Christmas Mood

Christmas is the season of celebrations, cheer and lighting your friends’ and family’s lives up with joy. Everybody is in a rush to decorate their home with the most jubilant Christmas décor. Be it hanging stockings, placing a pine tree, draping your walls with lights or lighting your house up with scented candles to set the perfect Christmas mood. IRIS has the best scented candles for you to radiate your house with for the festive season. With fragrances from lavender to rose, IRIS has the best collection of scented candles to buy online.  

Make Your Christmas Lit With These 5 Scented Candles  

  1. IRIS Gold Glass Votives  

Gleam, glow and let your spaces shine with the IRIS Gold GlassVotives from the Glitter collection. Enriched with the fragrance of Gold Musk, the Gold Votives is here to infuse redolent magic in the air. The IRIS Glitter range of products are elements of opulence, place them in your surroundings and watch the luxury unfold. The perfect fit for Christmas, elevate your décor with a touch of gold elegance. Buy this scented candle online from the IRIS website.  

  1. IRIS Lavender Tin Candle  

The IRIS Lavender Tin Candle is a package of peace everybody needs to soothe themselves this Christmas. Keep anxiety at bay with the alluring scent of Lavender and unwind smoothly for the festive season. Place it in your study, bedroom or your living room along with your mistletoes, wreaths and stocking for the Christmas spirit to fill your house. After a fulfilling feast of Christmas, there’s no better fragrance that will help ease into a deep and relaxing sleep. Buy the IRIS Lavender Tin Candle from the website, applicable only in India.  

  1. IRIS Cherry Blossom Votive  

Turn your house into a blooming Cherry Blossom orchard filled with the flowery scent with the IRIS Cherry Blossom scented candle votive. With notes of lotus, lily, melon, raspberry musk and more, this is the ideal feature of Christmas for your house. Immerse yourself in the fruity and floral notes and may your Christmas be as cheerful and merry as this shot glass votive.  

  1. IRIS Floral Garden Pillar Candle  

Transform your house into a sanctum of peace and celebration with the IRIS Floral Garden Pillar candle. Bring home the jolly good festive spirit with notes of lilac and lily of the valley, and middle notes of white florals and hyacinth finished off with base notes of delicate vanilla. This revitalizing blend of fragrances is sure to give you an oomph to your jubilees. Rejoice with the floral fragrances and revel in the spirit of Christmas.  

  1. IRIS Dewberry Pillar Candle 

Christmas is all about those cold and wintery nights and yearning for that touch of warmth. The Dewberry fragranced candle from IRIS. This scented candle is here to bring you closer to your friends and family with its classic and rich fragrance. Get snug and intimately pleasant this holiday season with the summery feeling of the IRIS Dewberry Pillar candle

Choose from a variety of fragrances to amp up your Christmas celebrations and order IRIS scented candles online now.  

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