An Introduction To Home Fragrances

Introduction to Home Fragrances

What do we mean by Home Fragrances? A home fragrance is a wellness fragrance. In other words, these fragrances are designed to rejuvenate, relax and energize the mind.

Home Fragrances help to de-stress and make the indoor environment a healthier place. They neutralize odors and bacteria in an indoor environment, not just mask them. Stylish home fragrance delivery systems like reed diffusers or vapourizers work just as well as decor in the home or workplace.

How does a room freshener compare with a home fragrance? Room fresheners mask bad odour and the effect lasts for a few hours. Home fragrance delivery systems are designed to work 24/7 and create a feeling of wellness. Home fragrances harness the power of Aromacology.


Aromacology is the study of odours and their effect on the mind, mood and health. The term was coined by the Sense of Smell Institute in 1989, to study the relationship between psychology and fragrance technology.

Aromacology seeks to establish the positive effects of aromas on human behaviour that are verifiable through reproducible scientific experiments. The results can then be expressed in quantitative terms and analyzed to determine their statistical significance.

Aromacology is different from the classical art of Aromatherapy. One of the key differences stems from the fact that Aromacology is about any odour, irrespective of whether it emanates from living or non-living things. These could vary from the odour of lavender to dirt to freshly baked cookies or pumpkin pies or the sea, among others. Aromatherapy focuses only on the odour and therapeutic properties of plant extracts.

Out of Home Fragrance solutions

Brand Signature Fragrance is a service that caters to brands from retail, hospitality or corporate offices. This is part of the Iris brand, where we customize fragrances for companies. We develop the fragrance based on a company’s brand, its culture and ethos.

After a thorough and in-depth understanding of the client’s brief, our creative team gets down to blending at least three types of fragrances. All of which are tested at the company’s premises. Based on the feedback, we arrive at the one fragrance solution, customised for the client.